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The Patriot Bankers

A Sovereign Home For Your Hard Earned Money
The Duty of a True Patriot Is To Protect his Country From Its Government...

And to Store Wealth as Ammunition to Win the War Against Tyranny. 
Banking for the people, by the peolple.

We the people, in order to form a perfect financial institution, have created an International and sovereign banking system, to provide for a safe and secure environment, unfettered from the global controls and governance.

We are a group of patriotic, God driven believers that the Blessings of Liberty, to ourselves, to you, and or collective Posterity, no matter where you might live in the world.

Our goal is ordained in the grace of truth and justice and all things revolving around peace, love, unity and most of all, reliance on self and not any tyrannical person, group, state of country.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a safe haven, free of taxation, in the true context of sovereignty, for each individual, to maintain control of their own personal wealth.

We Are The United

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